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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions integrates design skills and engineering know-how to provide point services and end-to-end design and engineering solutions.

We provide cost-effective and time-to-market services including:

A 2D drawing of a part does not make a layman to comprehend fully, unless he is a competent engineering professional. The visualisation process becomes very easy, once the same part is shown as a 3 dimensional photo rendered object image. There are a few occasions when your input from customer is only 2D drawings of complex engineering parts, which go into an assembly. In such cases, you will need 3D CAD models of those parts fitted in an assembly to study the issues involved before spending time creating documentation. Optimised 3D CAD models finally serve as the basis to design / develop the parts from mould or casting die etc. Roughly 3 out of 4 current CAD users employ 2D drafting. Migration process from 2D to 3D has of late accelerated, due to 'Time to market' constraints. Most contemporary 3D CAD tools marketted today, generate 2D drafted views from 3D CAD model. 'TopSolid CAD' software is the most reliable tool, which we in Designcell Cad Cam Solutions, employ successfully for this kind of service.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions has an in-house team of experienced technical and creative professionals for providing integrated styling and animation solutions that bring your products to life.

Product presentation and Animation provide accurate models for better visualization including structural details, multiple parts fitment and also replicate the movement. These solutions deliver the highest levels of reproduction and realism. They eliminate the otherwise additional costs for Proto-typing and thus assist our Customers’ arrive at better decisions in less time with significant cost savings and enhance productivity.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions has a fully integrated prove out centre to support our Customers by providing services in relation to CNC machining.

CNC machining services are deemed an extension of support in order to complete the requirements of Customer specific tools. This also enables us to validate Tool, Fixture, Die or Mold designs and thereby guarantees our Customer specific design thereby ensuring reliability in our complete CAD-CAM services package.

Our CNC Machining capabilities extend to 4th axis complex machining of parts for Automobile, Furniture and Aerospace sectors, 2D and 3D machining of parts of a variety of special material compositions such as pre-hardened steel, aluminum alloys and prototypes.

Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions offers comprehensive support for CAM operations including creation of NC Tool Path.

This expertise has been acquired by the conviction that the best machining results are achieved by a judicious combination of the appropriate CAM combined with the “hands on” knowledge base of the Programmer. The basic considerations including selection of the machining strategy, choice of tool and machining parameters are overseen by our experinced programming engineers.

TopSolid Cam platform is utilized for Tool Path generation from the input data viz. either native or imported parasolid /step or equivalent files. The verified and post processed NC output can be directly used by our Customer without any further verification. The documents are auto-generated by the software.

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Pressure die casting is a process, where melted red hot metal is forced into steel dies. In the presolidification stage, inside the die , the plunger movement forces the metal into the die cavity to take its shape under pressure. After a preset solidification time, the plunger retracts and the part is ejected. The machine is ready for the next cycle. Metals having low melting point, such as zinc. Copper, magnesium and lead are cast using hot chamber die casting, where a certain volume of metal is trapped by the plunger that is forced into the cavity thro’ gooseneck and nozzle.

Molten metal is poured into the injection cylinder, in cold chamber die casting. This metal is then forced into the cavity under high pressure. High melting point alloys of aluminum or copper are used for cold chamber die casting.

Parting line and ejector pins locations, flash provision, draft for ejectable jobs and wall thickness uniformity are a few of the points considered. Hot die steel material to withstand the heat fatigue along with hot hardness are generally used for the cavity.

We have executed many projects successfully in this category for our esteemed customers.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions enables setting up of state-of-art design and engineering environments to cover the total product development cycle from design to manufacturing.

We engage with our Customers’ to assimilate and implement integrated design and manufacture solutions for achieving cost-effectiveness and improving efficiency in the shortest possible time. Some of the projects executed by us are for critical applications.

Our Customers’ benefit on account of:

  • People in the Omo Valley
  • Southwest Ethiopia
  • Unaccessible Roadless Area
  • River expedition
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Product designing is a subject that deals with the creation of a product that takes into account at the concept stage itself, the following points viz. manufacturability of mould or die, durability and strength of the product, functional reliability, processing method and cost and so on. The product thus designed should have favourable strength to weight ratio, resulting in the cost reduction, without compromise on the quality. Many iterations in the product design with the help of 3D models are carried out, supported by engineering analysis, before the final product is created, to arrive at an optimal design. Good product design is a precurser for a good mould or die design. We have executed jobs with the input supplied by the overseas and local customers.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions provide a descriptive geometric data set in relation to a physical object using our core faculties of analysis and engineering knowledge combined with the latest imaging techniques.

Using the capabilities of our CAD platform, we can create surface/solid models of objects based on Point Cloud data and White light imaging. The 3D CAD model becomes the basis for the design and development of Tools, Dies, Molds and even for FEA.

We have successfully undertaken such assignments for a number of Customers.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions has a wide ranging and extensive experience in design and manufacture of Dies and Molds for various sectors including Automobile, Furniture, and Electrical Appliances.

Only a limited number of dedicated and reliable platforms are available in the market for the development of complex, high-quality, precision moulds. Mold development is initiated on a 3D CAD input and the Base development is undertaken as per DME, HASCO, LKM or any other such standards. Design of Core and Cavity inserts, Moving Cores, Slides and other Components are based on Automatic Parting Line Development. Runners, Gates and Waterlines are positioned as per the material flow analysis. Ejector system is planned based on the component requirement and incorporated after interference check. Cavity side check for Hot Runner Systems and Hydraulic Systems is also carried out.

Functional validation is carried out by animation of the assembly.

Design of the mould is fully integrated with the manufacturing environment.

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Many a times, the mould maker is confornted with the problems in running an overaged and worn out mould or when the customer needs changes in the product design driven by the market pressure. In such cases, either the mould has to be scrapped and made new or the same mould has to be modified. We have years of experience in the restoration of worn out moulds or adding value to the existing moulds with new product features after studying the feasibility for incorporating such changes in the existing moulds. This solution ultimately leads to the satisfaction of the customer in terms of delivery time, cost and quality. The process however starts from the 3D CAD data supplied by the mould owner, of the original product and the changes proposed in the product. If the 3D CAD for the existing mould is available, then the restoration or modification cost related to design can be minimised.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions has a fully integrated inspection facility with the latest CNC 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine and conventional measuring instruments.

We provide accurate measurement results for components up to sizes of 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.7M. along with details of the deviations in size of the machined component from those in the 3D model.

Our in-house Inspection set up also supports our Reverse Engineering activity whereby we are in a position to digitize components and develop a reliable and accurate 3D CAD model for further development work in the design and manufacture of Moulds, Dies or Fixtures.

We also provide the relevant inspection documents for the inspected parts up on request.

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Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions undertakes design, development, manufacture and assembly of Toolings, Jigs And Fixtures for a variety of application requirements.

The design of Fixtures and Jigs is based on 3D Model of the component. Easy mounting of the components, Quick clamping arrangements and Non abrasive resting faces are some of the key features in our design of Fixtures and Jigs. Our Fixtures and Jigs are developed based on considerations such as weight, accuracy of positioning and ease of handling.

We have designed and supplied a variety of Installation, Checking and Cooling fixtures to the Automobile and Aerospace sectors.

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We, in Designcell Cad Cam solutions, believe that the customer will be comfortable only when he gets real time online support . It is enabled thro' "web meeting", during which session, our engineer guides you thro' till you complete the project, in interactive mode. He will partner you, till the time you are convinced that all the issues have been sorted out. This session, cuts down the overall time spent in completing the project. Our philosophy is to handhold any new customer till he attains proficiency in using "TopSolid" / "GOelan" software and solve any kind of CAD and CAM problem.

We organise only focussed and result oriented training to our customers. Instead of the common 'read the manual and do what is said' approach, we structure our training materials, industry specific. ie. instead of calling clients with diverse interests for common training, we pool together the engineers of only one organisation and train them for relevant industry specific topics in CAD and CAM, so that they can start performing in the shortest possible time. The pace of our training is decided based on the ability of the participants to grasp the subject. By selecting the current projects of your company in the training program, the participants stand to gain more to contribute to their organisation instantly.

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